Does it smell like teenage ghost or teenage bankruptcy?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

This was a live week! What did that mean Mary Ann Azevedo was on the mic with Alex Wilhelmand Grace Mendenhall, our ever-reliable producer got us through it. Kudos to Dennis, Julio and Yashad for making all the technology work properly.

Right, what did we dive into during our live recordings? Very much!

  • The latest from the Elon Musk-Twitter saga, including the social media company’s earnings and how it is somewhat sensitive to market sentiment; Musk won’t have infinite wiggle room once he owns Twitter.
  • Throughout the week, Mary Ann talked through Umaro’s recent raise — who doesn’t love to talk about bacon? — and Alex chose the latest from the self-driving front.
  • From there, it was time to talk about layoffs at Robinhood and other companies, focusing on how some of the companies that did well during the pandemic are now suffering from what could at least be described as a hangover.
  • And we closed with comments about Copper and Step and the ethics of teens investing in crypto. Which led us to put crypto in your 401(k). Views vary!

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