Google’s new adventure game takes a top-down journey through ancient Mesoamerica

In a screenshot from The Descent of the Serpent, a character is disguised as a wolf in a mountain environment.
I like the cute characters in the game. | Screenshot by Jay Peters / MovieUpdates

Google’s Arts & Culture division has released a charming new educational game about ancient Mesoamerica. The game, The descent of the snakeis now available to play in your browser or through the Google Arts & Culture iOS and Android apps.

There is a slight plot to Descent of the Serpentshown in a short video played at the beginning of the game. While exploring a museum, a large artifact is stolen by Tezcatlipoca, the lord of the smoking mirror, and a living statue asks for your help to recover 20 icons on the artifact to prevent flooding from taking over the world. You agree, of course, and the statue says they’ll send you back in time to ancient Mesoamerica.

You can choose one of four cute animals…

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