Larry Ellison leads investor group depositing $7.1 billion for Musk’s Twitter buyout – MovieUpdates

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The MovieUpdates Top 3

  • Support Elon: Like sand through the hourglass, we learn more every day about who is stepping up to invest in Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter. A Thursday filing revealed that nearly two dozen investors contributed money, including Sequoia Capital, Binance and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, who had $1 billion that he was currently doing nothing with.
  • CVC can lead to mergers and acquisitions: Last year we saw a number of companies starting their own venture capital arms, and now it looks like all that venture activity could bring in some mergers and acquisitions. Why? Alex and Anna dig in for a number of reasons, including lowered public valuations and a stock market environment where some companies hit the pause button on an IPO. They expect CVCs to monitor start-up companies for potential deals, perhaps starting with those in their cap table.
  • Shopify signals its next move with the acquisition of Deliverr: Shopify pulled the trigger on a $2.1 billion acquisition of Deliverr, leaving us wondering if it was Shopify trying to break into Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon territory, one of the reasons why some small businesses are launching the ecommerce business have preferred over other marketplaces. We also checked whether that was a fair acquisition price.

Startups and VC

Lynda did it in 2013, Kevin raised $65 million a few days ago, and now it’s Alan’s turn, with a $193 million round for a medical one-stop shop. I’m not quite sure what’s happening in the startup naming world, but we’re here for it. We look forward to hearing from Wendy, Talesha and Fred next time.

Come with me, and you will see, a world of pure appreciation:

Pitch Deck Teardown: Momentum’s $5M seed pitch deck

Image Credits: MovieUpdates

Momentum, a B2B company that makes sales process automation software, accidentally convinced an early investor to lead its starting round before the founders had even made a pitch deck.

“We came to a Friday board meeting. On Monday they said, ‘Hey, you got five minutes? We want to sit down with you,” said CEO and co-founder Santiago Suarez Ordoñez.

“They literally put a term sheet on the table with the exact terms we wanted.”

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Apple, Google and Microsoft, oh my!: These three come together to support passwordless logins on mobile, desktop and browsers. Yes, there are password managers and other technology to help us choose “v6Yp8eR43wQ!” instead of “openuporelse1”, but the goal is to make logging into a website as easy as unlocking your phone. Speaking of privacy, while we await the fate of Roe v. Wade, carly researched if it was time to delete that period tracking app you’ve been using.
  • More sanctions for Hikvision: The surveillance camera company saw its shares plummet after a report saying the Biden administration would impose further sanctions on the China-based company, accusing it of facilitating human rights violations.
  • Some closures: YouTube Go will shut down in August, while Facebook will shut down its podcast service on June 3, barely a year after its launch. However, Meta had better news for the makers of Facebook Reels.
  • Starlink adds a little more cost: If you like to take your Starlink internet everywhere you go, it may be less beneficial now that the company has added a $25 per month fee.

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