Meta is working on a web version of its Horizon Worlds metaverse platform

Meta plans to bring its social metaverse platform Horizon Worlds to the web, said Meta CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth in a tweet on Thursday† Being available on the web would be a major expansion for the platform, which is currently only available on the Quest VR headsets.

A web version isn’t the only one in the works – this week Meta VP of Horizon told Vivek Sharma The edge that it’s working on bringing Horizon to mobile phones later this year and is in “early discussions” to bring it to game consoles. However, it’s still unclear exactly when Horizon will expand to the web, and Meta spokesperson Iska Saric said there were “no timing details to share at this time” when we asked.

Boz’s tweet has been recorded in a thread defending Horizon’s newly announced creator fee structure, which has come under some scrutiny. On Tuesday, Meta revealed that Horizon purchases require a 25 percent cut in the remaining percentage after any platform charges.

For the Horizon web app, that means Meta would only take 25 percent, as Boz noted. But for platforms with a 30 percent fee, such as Meta’s own Quest Store, it would cost 25 percent of 70 percent. That means that for goods sold in Horizon on a Quest VR device, Meta takes up a whopping 47.5 percent of every transaction.

Boz claims that percentage is lower than some other “world-building platforms” — a shot that appears to be partly aimed at Roblox, which has also been criticized for the way it pays developers. In a chart showing “the estimated use of every dollar spent on Roblox,” Roblox points out that it pays developers just 28.1 percent of every dollar, meaning that Meta’s Horizon discount, even from purchases on Quest headsets, is seems to be lower than what Roblox takes on its podium. And as VR expands to platforms like mobile and the web, Meta will go head-to-head with Roblox, so this might not be the last time we see Meta make some pointed words toward Roblox.

Meta has also often criticized Apple for cutting 30 percent of many App Store transactions – Boz did Thursday also in his topic — and Apple had some of its own sharp language for Meta. “Meta has repeatedly attacked Apple for charging developers a 30% commission for in-app purchases on the App Store — and has used small businesses and makers as scapegoats at every turn,” Apple spokesman Fred Sainz told Market overview† “Now – Meta is trying to charge those same creators significantly more than any other platform. [Meta’s] announcement exposes Meta’s hypocrisy. It shows that while they want to use Apple’s platform for free, they are happy to take something from the makers and small businesses that use their own platform.”

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