Morbius is resurrected by memes, flops on day one back in theaters

morbius is back in theaters – despite no one asking – and its unpopularity is only making itself clearer. The film made just $85,000 Friday after returning to more than 1,000 theaters, bringing its domestic cumulative total to $73.6 million (via Forbes

morbius was originally released on April 1, and was not the most well received. In The edge‘s review of the film, our TV and film reporter, Charles Pulliam-Moore, says: morbiusThe pacing, plot and execution of the lead actors feels “ill-conceived” and “casts doubt on Sony’s grand project to build an entire cinematic universe on Spider-Man’s back.”

Sony likely re-released the film in hopes that a renewed interest in the “it’s morbin’ time” meme would somehow spark a second bigger wave of people using the Spider Man spin off. But it turns out that a meme’s popularity doesn’t directly correlate with genuine interest — who could have guessed?

In an even more cringey move, Jared Leto — the star of morbius – just had to join the meme, post a video on Twitter that shows he is reading from a fake script titled Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’ Time† Here’s to hoping Sony is kidding us all and not planning on making Dr. Morbius to make a cameo in the next one Spider Man with its hip new slogan, or worse yet, get a sequel.

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