Private equity falls on Chartbeat – MovieUpdates

Chartbeat, a website that tells publishers about their readers, is getting the private equity treatment.

Launched from Betaworks in 2009, the service offered real-time analytics when Google Analytics made you wait 24 hours to see who clicked on your site. Centuries later, private equity firm Cuadrilla Capital has ducked in to buy it, Chartbeat chief executive John Saroff said on Twitter today. The CEO added that Chartbeat’s staff, including leadership, will linger following the deal.

Breaking the news, Axios reports that the deal will see Chartbeat build “a line of products that help media companies grow their businesses, in addition to helping shape their editorial strategies.” Ah, yes, private equity – the institution known for helping media companies grow.

Headquartered in New York, Betaworks is known for its early investments in Twitter and Tumblr, and for incubating services such as Giphy and

Since its launch last year, Santa Barbara-based Cuadrilla has acquired two other data companies: Agilence and InfoDesk.

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