Read this story about difficult working conditions Xbox studio Undead Labs

Kotaku has published an extensive article about difficult working conditions at Undead Labs, a game studio owned by Microsoft and known for the State of dissolution series you should read. The article details allegations of sexism at the company and a lack of direction that hurts morale, and it comes amid several other recent reports and allegations of challenging working conditions at game development studios.

Earlier this month, the YouTube channel People Make Games covered challenges at three well-known indie studios in a video. VentureBeat recently published a long article alleging that Ori and the Blind Forest developer Moon Studios is an “oppressive” place to work. And since Microsoft plans to acquire mega studio Activision Blizzard, which is currently under scrutiny for its own workplace culture, Kotakus story illustrates how Microsoft’s largely hands-off approach to its studio acquisitions can mean that issues may not get the attention they need.

For example, a former developer at Undead Labs described sexism at the company as “the minor death by a thousand papercuts version of sexism,” according to the article. Another former developer recalled that “we had to implement meeting etiquette because men kept talking so badly about women and belittling them in all meetings. But the guidelines didn’t help.”

you can read Kotakus article on Undead Labs here.

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