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Movie Name Revolver Rohoshyo
Release Date Crime, Romance
Age Rating 02/03/2023 (IN)

Revolver Rohoshyo is an upcoming film. The movie is expected to release on
Crime, Romance

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Subrata Sharma is a reporter who leaves his job and joins a small time detective agency, Danny Detective Inc. in Kolkata. Working on a case, his boss, Danny, is killed. Circumstances force Subrata to take up the case. He travels to Darjeeling, south of the outer foothills of the Himalayas, to unravel a series of murder mystery. He takes up the responsibility of the agency. How will he succeed in catching the killer?

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What is the release date of Revolver Rohoshyo movie?

Crime, Romance

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What is the age rating of Revolver Rohoshyomovie?

02/03/2023 (IN)

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