Singapore-based healthcare startup Ordinary Folk gets $5M to fight stigma – MovieUpdates

Ordinary Folk, a Singapore-based telehealth startup dedicated to the health issues of men and women, has raised $5 million in pre-Series A funding from Monk’s Hill Ventures. The funding will be used for recruitment and expansion into Hong Kong, while scaling up takes place in Singapore.

Founded in 2020 by Sean Low, the startup has two main platforms: Noah is for men’s sexual health, mental wellness, hair care and weight management, while Zoey focuses on sexual wellness, fertility, mental health and wellness.

Low says he started Ordinary Folk to alleviate the pain points of an in-person clinical visit, while also making it easier to seek care for stigmatized conditions like erectile dysfunction.

“Men’s and women’s health issues are intimate issues that affect all of us at some point in our lives, directly or through your partner,” he told MovieUpdates. “And before we started with Noah and Zoey, there were no good solutions in Singapore and Hong Kong.”

The company chose Hong Kong as the next market to expand into, as there are many similarities between Singapore and Hong Kong, Low added. For example, both are densely populated and fast-paced, with health care systems facing the same issues, he said.

“While there are nuances, Singaporeans and Hong Kongers also identify similarly on issues such as high health care costs, fear of illegal medication, discomfort when seeing a doctor and the stigma attached to the health status of men and women,” explained. he out.

Ordinary Folk says sales have grown more than 130% since launch and have had more than a million unique visitors. It differentiates itself from other telemedicine startups by building a full healthcare stack, Low said, including healthcare and logistics for medication in non-descript packaging.

This also means Ordinary Folk could create a health assessment that patients take before scheduling an appointment, allowing doctors to make more detailed diagnoses.

“In the case of sexual health, it can be difficult to answer intimate questions, and more so for a stranger you’ve never met,” Low said. The health assessment has been developed in collaboration with doctors and health experts. Ordinary Folk’s network of health care providers includes physicians, psychologists, therapists, and other specialists.

In a prepared statement, Peng T. Ong, the co-founder and managing partner of Monk’s Hill Ventures, said: “Millions of people across Asia are finding it difficult to access the right treatment and care for health conditions that are hugely taboo. Through Noah and Zoey, Ordinary Folk is uniquely positioned to create value through the consumer journey of health services, creating an ecosystem where patients have access to medical experts and products, and a wide variety of treatment options.

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