Sony stops stacking PlayStation Now to protect its new Premium service

Sony has updated its PlayStation Plus FAQ page (tucked away below) further addressing the loopholes that gave users early discounts on the upcoming PlayStation Plus Premium service. It will also pause activation of PlayStation Plus and Now vouchers for current subscribers until after the new service rolls out in June, and there’s even an official conversion chart showing the value of those vouchers across the next three services; PlayStation Plus Essentials, Extra and Premium.

After Sony announced its plan to restructure PlayStation Plus into a new three-tier service to further compete with Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s services, things have been somewhat fuzzy about how the conversion to the new tiers will work. Users began piling up prepaid subscriptions to PlayStation Now, Sony’s cloud streaming service on consoles and PC, in hopes of converting the $59.99-per-year service into the forthcoming $119.99-per-year PlayStation Plus Premium. Sony was quick to prevent many people from taking advantage of that discount, but it couldn’t stop people from buying the cards and redeeming them for some kind of service – and those remaining PS Now voucher cards give you at least a partial PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.

In any case, they start in June. Sony is now stopping many people from redeeming prepaid vouchers until after the PS Plus relaunch. Only users who have not yet subscribed can redeem a one, three or 12 month prepaid card, which is still sold at many retailers (including direct from Sony).

What happens if you have a prepaid voucher once June rolls around? Well, it’s still worth redeeming them once you’re able. Sony has created this handy table to explain how much they are worth when switching to the new service. While a month of PlayStation Now doesn’t buy you a month of PlayStation Plus Premium, you still get “the amount of time equal to the monetary value of your original voucher,” according to Sony.

Sony PlayStation Plus Vouchers Conversion Chart.

Did I say useful? I meant terrible. But just as Sony’s announcement of its new PS Plus service is teeming with confusion, so is the communication of conversions so far. Hopefully the next new information from Sony will be the full list of games accessible with PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium so that people have a clearer idea of Why these new levels are worth a subscription.

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