T-Mobile’s 2TB Google One plan includes unlimited Google Photos backups

T-Mobile is introducing a new Google One subscription option for its customers that breathes new life into Google’s unlimited photo storage backup service… at a price, of course. For $15 a month, it includes 2 TB of cloud storage, all the benefits of Google One membership, and unlimited original-resolution photo and video backups to Google Photos.

When Google halted its gravy of free photo storage in 2021, a weary world sighed and looked for new storage options. Sure, the included 15GB of free storage would be plenty for many people, but those of us who take a lot of photos and like the “set and forget” nature of unlimited Google Photos backup should save up for a paid Google Early or leave one membership.

Google One plans start at $2 a month for 100 GB of cloud storage and go up to $10 a month for 2 TB (plus some other perks like a VPN and 10 percent credit on Google Store purchases). This new tier — accessible only to T-Mobile customers — is the most expensive to date, but it’s the only one to include unlimited Google Photos backups in its perks.

For many people, 2 TB on its own would probably be more than enough photo storage, but you can share that 2 TB allotment of cloud storage with up to five other people. However, the Google Photos benefit only applies to the T-Mobile account manager — not everyone on your plan. The new storage plan will be available on Tuesday, April 26.

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