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The MovieUpdates Top 3

  • Where once there was sunshine has now faded into darkness: Thousands of Solana users found that their wallets had been used up for a total of about $8 million, Rita and carly to write. The hack only affects “hot” wallets, the couple reports. Industry experts say this may have been a privacy compromise. We are sure there will be more on this later.
  • Ping is in familiar territoryPing Identity, an identity management company for public enterprises, has approved the acquisition by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, Ingrid reports. This is not Ping’s first introduction to PE involvement. It was majority owned by Vista Equity, which retains a minority stake in the company. Thoma Bravo has been going through a buying streak lately and has also picked up both SailPoint and Anaplan this year.
  • Trading places: We go back to Rita, who writes that Salesforce is taking a look at its presence in China. Among the changes are the closure of the Hong Kong office and the acceleration of Salesforce’s relationship with Alibaba, which includes helping companies establish a social commerce presence.

Startups and VC

L’Attitude Ventures announced today that it has closed its first institutional fund, raising more than $100 million from several financial services heavyweights, including a “strategic anchor investment” from JPMorgan Chase, Mary Ann reports.

Playstudios, a publicly traded mobile gaming platform and developer, is venturing into the web3 world with a new blockchain division and investment fund. The gaming entity announced a $10 million investment vehicle, Future Fund, to help companies build rewarded gaming options, Jacquelyn reports.

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Dear Sophie: How long do I have to stay in my current job after getting my green card?

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Dear Sophie,

I am a software engineer currently on an H-1B. My employer sponsored me for an EB-2 green card and my application has been approved, but I am still waiting for a decision on my application to enroll in permanent residence.

I want to leave my employer and do something completely different. Can I transfer my green card to another employer in a different field and position, or do I have to keep it in my current position until I receive my green card?

If I have to stick with it, how long should I stay with my current employer after I get my green card?

— Desire for change

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Big Tech Inc.

Uber and Omio join forces in the UK to allow users to book trains, coaches and bus journeys, Natasha L reports. The ride-hailing giant sees this as a way to not only travel longer distances, but also capture or recapture travelers traveling between different modes of transport. In other Uber news, it appears that the company has now closed its partnership with Indian food delivery company Zomato, manish writes.

Stay in India for a while manish also reports that the government is withdrawing its bill for the protection of personal data. This was legislation that privacy advocates and tech giants were not fans of, mainly because they felt it limited the way they managed sensitive information and also allowed governments to access the same information more easily.

Speaking of partnerships, Ticketmaster and TikTok now have one to provide users with a new way to discover and purchase event tickets, Aisha writes. This feature is primarily intended for certain creators who can search for Ticketmaster events and add destination links to their videos. Ivan also reports that ByteDance may be gearing up for a global launch of TikTok Music.

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