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Movie Name Victoria : Ek Rahasya
Release Date Horror, Thriller
Age Rating 01/13/2023 (IN)

Victoria : Ek Rahasya is an upcoming film. The movie is expected to release on
Horror, Thriller

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When Ankita and Siddharth arrive at Hotel Victoria, set in the heart of Scotland, they quickly realise that the creepy owner, Adhiraaj, has more than a few secrets he is trying to hide, and Ankita can’t help but sense another, sinister presence inside the old hotel. Is there a vengeful spirit wandering the hotel grounds, or is it all in their heads? What follows is a race against time as the mystery is unravelled, and nothing is as it seems.

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What is the release date of Victoria : Ek Rahasya movie?

Horror, Thriller

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What is the age rating of Victoria : Ek Rahasyamovie?

01/13/2023 (IN)

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