Waze takes you back to the future with themes from the 70s, 80s and 90s

Waze has added broad nostalgic vibes of the 70s, 80s, and 90s to its navigation app. You can now choose new “moods” that look like a groovy lava lamp on the map to other drivers and match yourself with a peace-loving flower power van on your own screen – all while getting directions from a smooth 70s DJ voice .

You can also mix and match the eras. You know, in case you’ve been through them all. For example, you could switch to ‘dial-in’, which turns you into a beige all-in-one ’90s PC while driving an ’80s ‘Rad Racer’ sports coupe (as in the NES game from 1987) and still get the 70s DJ navigator.

I had to go for the “Rad Racer” car, which has the same name as the 1987 NES game.
Rad Racer screenshot: retrogameman.com

But if you’d rather live in the era you lived through or are a proponent of good end-to-end themes, you could do just that. Before the ’80s, you’ve got an aerobics workout voice and a “Pumped!” atmosphere that turns you into a retro boombox. You can also choose a convertible called “SUV4EVA” and have a teenybopper pop star take you to your destination and verbally offer you an autograph when you get there.

Every tuner has their own quirky rules when you go wherever you go: The 80s aerobics instructor says, “Let’s train again tomorrow!” and the 70s DJ puts it deep for you with “I can’t join you from here, but life’s about the journey anyway.” I popped out to see if I could get some other lines, and I wasn’t disappointed on a U-turn: “A ‘you-turn’ is where you turn; a ‘me-turn’ is where I can choose what to play next,” said that 70s DJ.

Moods and car choices. Hard to choose between the boombox or old school PC!

Waze also teamed up with TuneIn to bring 90s music hits to US drivers while syncing with the app. British drivers are given songs from the 70s and a station from the 80s plays while driving in France. Those are the default settings, but nothing will stop you from jamming to the whole of Slippery when wet via Spotify.

To activate the features, tap My Waze in the app, then tap the banner titled “Drive the ’80s.” It is there for a limited time and is available in English, French and Portuguese. Waze has a lot more customization options than this one. The company added celebrity voices like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman, and even fictional characters like Master Chief — including warthog.

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