Why a16z threw Part to lead its Series A – MovieUpdates

It’s typical on MovieUpdates Live for founders to talk about fundraising as they browse their latest pitch deck. But Alex Bouaziz, CEO of Deel, didn’t have a pitch deck to share. That’s because Deel has raised a total of $629 million.

Instead, Andreessen pitched Horowitz partner Anish Acharya Deel to let a16z run the company’s Series A, Acharya explained alongside Bouaziz on MovieUpdates Live on Wednesday.

During the chat we discussed a few important things, including how to raise without a pitch deck. For Acharya, a series founder with extensive fundraising and investment experience, the momentum comes from Part of Bouaziz.

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“I think it’s hard to meet Alex without getting a sense of inevitability,” Acharya said. “And so are many of the best founders. There’s just a sense of momentum, and they’re in a hurry – Alex is always in a hurry.’”

Acharya returned to this point several times during the discussion.

“There’s a feeling like it’s going to happen whether I’m part of it or not.” This FOMO prompted Acharya to pitch a16z so that Deel’s founding team understood that the investment company knew how to leverage the market.

When asked what a16z’s pitch deck looks like, Acharya smiled and said he couldn’t reveal all his secrets.

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